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...Henry Ford


Engaged/Committed Couples Seminars

bouquetAs a new couple or a long standing one, the challenges you face are not always easily managed. My seminars focus on specific areas in your relationship that need discussion, planning and strategy. This is an exclusive couples' enrichment program. Through a sequence of six sessions, committed couples will explore target areas. This program can be used as a personal contract to solidify relationships and build upon your future.

Sample Topics:

Package of 6 seminars (1 ½ hrs each) can be scheduled for one couple or a group. Individual sessions can also be arranged.

“Mind and Body Wisdom”-A Stress Management Program for Healthy Living

“Celebrate where you are now!” J. Macias

A program that incorporates the following:

Speaking and Training Services

Dr. Macias will develop a program to meet your organization’s objectives. She will merge the latest research findings in the fields of education, business management and psychology with engaging, thought provoking interactive training materials. The program’s impact will remain with participants as they implement new or reinforced skills in their workplace and personal life.

Speaking and Training Topics:
Please note that additional topics can be customized to fit your audience needs.